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Which Liv Bike is for you?

October 2021

Liv are the first cycle brand to build bikes specially designed for women. These bicycles are thoughtfully built with women’s-specific needs in mind that complement the rider first and foremost.

With women’s-specific saddles that complement the position the rider will be in on the bike, crank lengths that match the size of the frame, handlebar widths that are appropriate for the average shoulder breadth to height ratio, and stem lengths that offer the best handling for female riders.

I’ve never heard of Liv Bikes, tell me more?

Liv bicycles are the sister brand of Giant bikes, founded in 2008, they produce a huge range of ladies bikes. With a female CEO at the forefront, Bonnie Tu saw an opportunity to make cycling more inclusive. With the majority of its staff also female they are built from the ground up tailored specifically to women’s anatomy and physical needs. And no, they’re not all pink.

Do I need a women’s bike?

Whilst most unisex bikes can work well for females, Liv have designed bicycles specially with women in mind so if you’re looking for a new cycle it’s important to consider a Liv bike. The majority of women feel more comfortable on a bike designed specifically for them.

What’s the difference between a ladies bike and men’s bike?

Ladies bikes come with smaller frames, shorter crank arms and narrower handlebars. Even if you are a woman that does not have “average” torso to leg length proportions, there tends to still be differences that may affect your positioning and the way you ride a bike.

Not sure where to start?

Looking for a bike to ride about town? The Flourish is ideal for picking up a few groceries at the local shop, the step-through design makes it quick and easy to hop on and off the bike once you’re at your destination. If you’re more into off-roading the Avail AR will comfortably take you from paved paths to rough roads with ease.

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