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performance wheel set from the French brand Mavic

Mavic wheels are a great upgrade for your bike. Mavic is one of the biggest and best-known bike wheel manufacturers in the world and Mavic wheels are well respected for good reason. Completely change the way your bike rides with a performance wheelset from the French brand Mavic.

Mavic road bike wheels:Upgrading wheels is the best way to lighten your ride and aero wheels like the Mavic Cosmic help you to slice through the air quicker.

Mavic mountain bike wheels:From cross country wheelsets to full-on downhill wheels, Mavic produce a wide range of wheels to suit every style of riding

Innovative design:Mavic is well known for introducing cutting edge technologies that other manufacturers chase. Mavic was an early pioneer of tubeless technology

Future proof:Most Mavic wheels have a whole host of extras available, meaning maintenance parts are easily sourced along with fitting new freehub body's or axle end caps

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