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Winter cycling

December 2021

Hello friends, so winters here and it’s cold, dark and miserable, but that’s no reason to hang your bike up until the spring. Obviously indoor training is great but nothing compares to getting out on the open road and getting some fresh air. 

 The key is wearing the right clothes and wearing them right, I’m talking layers, layering up is the best way to insure that you keep at a comfortable temperature all ride long, giving you the flexibility to add or remove items as required.

 So let’s start with the core, base layers are essential, and a good merino wool base layer is best for keeping you warm but also wicking away any unwanted sweat, a decent winter jersey is next, then as a top layer a light weight wind proof or preferably waterproof jacket which can be packed away if your temperature gets to high. The next thing to think about is your legs, there’s two ways to approach this either thermal winter tights or my preferred way which is regular bib shorts and leg warmers, which are easily removed if needed. Last but by no means least is your extremities, fingers, toes and head are were you really feel the cold, a good winter glove will really make a difference to how comfortable you are on a ride, and when the temperature really drops laying up here can also be done, there’s lots of good thin gloves designed to wear under your regular glove, and like your base layer merino wool is best. Overshoes are essential as most cycling shoes are designed to allow the air to flow through them, so a wind proof over shoe is great for stopping this, but like your top layer waterproof is best, this is England after all. Finally your head and if you are anything like me the cold air really plays havoc with my ears, there’s two ways to get around this, firstly a thermal head band, but I really like the thermal under hats you can buy these days, thin enough to allow your helmet to still fit properly but very warm, and as a bonus small and light so can be packed away if you get to warm. 

  Hopefully this little bit of advise will keep you riding all winter long.    Stay warm and stay safe. 

written by Nathan Barber

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