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What makes Frog bikes different?                            

August 2021

Frog bikes research based approach to bike design, geometry and fit is head and shoulders above the competition, resulting in the lightest, most comfortable kids bikes that children just love to ride!

The sports science team at Brunel university factored in over 50 measurements including foot length, shoulder width, sternal height and arm length when helping frog to design and produce the perfect kids bike.

Frog fit technology- 3 simple measurements

Frogs philosophy has always been to produce the finest child specific bikes from scratch, not to simply make a larger bike, smaller.

Frogs easy 3 step sizing means that we can accurately measure in store and make adjustments and recommendations whilst taking into account rider confidence and experience. Our trained staff have been sizing and fitting frog bikes since day one, so we’re well equipped to give you the very best advice.

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Breakthrough design

Frog Bikes has worked with independent scientific researchers to study the impact of Q factor (pedal spacing) on bikes for children. They found that reducing the Q factor of a child’s cycle decreases lateral forces by much more than for adults. i.e. it makes the bike significantly easier to pedal.

Their patented crank arms reduce the Q factor by between 27mm and 36mm depending on the Frog model.

These new cranks deliver a more comfortable ride and improve the efficiency for kids – who of course have a much narrower pelvis than an adult. A child riding a bike with pedals conventionally widely spaced, their legs are splayed outwards to the left and right sides of the longitudinal axis of the cycle. This results in poor efficiency and ergonomic conversion of the downward movement of the child’s legs into the rotation of the chain.

Other innovations that have been introduced as a result of the research, include even shorter crank length, a steeper seat tube angle and a shorter reach – all aimed at making your child’s riding experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

At Howards Cycles we’re all about delivering you the very best advice, products and service. What better way to do this than with our favourite kids bike brand!

Explore our range of Frog bikes here.

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